Wanderer's Tarot decks will not be reprinted as a self-published deck! Look out for Wanderer's Tarot to return in late 2021 from Weiser Books.

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Modern Magic

Wanderer’s Tarot is committed to sharing wisdom through their products that nourish the soul, facilitate inner growth, and catalyze healing.

Wanderer’s Tarot was founded in 2018 to bring feminist divination tools to modern seekers. Created by Casey Zabala, the Wanderer’s Tarot Deck was born out of the desire for a tarot deck centered in feminine wisdom and elemental magic. The ancient book of tarot holds limitless wisdom for spiritual beings of our age, as we face unprecedented changes and opportunities for transformation. Wanderer’s Tarot sees tarot not only as a divination tool, but also as a gateway to spiritual practice, a self-care ritual, and a way to connect with your personal magic.

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